Sex Position - Going Prone

This is a non-traditional sex position that will provide warmth, comfort, and closeness in a way that few positions can. It is an excellent position for those cold winter Vienna nights. The movements for the prone position are best described as being slow and shallow. The breathing of the escort and her client should be synchronized, and heart beats are known to match in this position. The only downside to the prone position is that there is no eye contact; however, the hands and body will serve as alternatives. This is also an excellent position for anal sex.

To get into this position, the woman will first need to lie down on her stomach, preferably on a bed (it’s possible to do this position on a couch but a bed is more comfortable). Next, place a small pillow beneath her stomach. This will raise her hips, making it easier for the man to penetrate her from behind. Her back will be arched in a position referred to as lordosis. Once she is in this position, take out some massage oil and begin applying it to her body. Begin with the least erotic areas first, gradually moving up to her ass and pussy. Use your hands and eyes to explore her as you apply the oil.

As your hands move close to her vulva, tease the outer lips. Let them slip into the folds of her pussy. Eventually, use your middle finger to penetrate her pussy, and then use your thumb to play with her anus or even penetrate it. This will stimulate the nerves she has there, and touch yourself with your other hand, as this will give you a nice hard erection.

Now position yourself above her, as if you're about to do push-ups. Lower yourself down onto her, until your pelvis begins touching her lips. Your legs should be lying above hers. User your dominant hand to guide your cock into her pussy (or ass) from above.