Meeting a Vienna Escort for the First Time

When meeting a Austrian escort for the first time, both of you will be nervous. Having sex with a person you just met will cause tension, for both sides. Overcoming this tension is the key to having a relaxing and memorable experience.

The first step to relieving tension is to take your time. Start off the session with a drink and small talk. Get to know each other a little bit. Too many escorts and hobbyists jump right into the session without giving themselves enough time to warm up. One reason for this is because many hobbyists book 30 minute appointments or a “quickie.” Seriously, if you want to have a relaxing time, you should book a longer appointment. 60 minutes should be the bare minimum.

When you conduct “small talk” with an escort, don’t waste time talking about mundane things like work and family. Anything unrelated to sex is a waste of time. You should use small talk to get to know her sexual likes and dislikes. Does she enjoy CIM? Does she give a blow job without the condom? Can you stick your finger in her pussy or ass? These are the topics which should be discussed, and if the lady is offended by these questions, then she is in the wrong business and you picked the wrong girl. The small talk should be used to gauge the sexual desires of both parties. The next phase should be a massage and foreplay which will lead to sex. Following this pattern in most cases will lead to a much more fulfilling session.