How to Produce Monster Cum Shots

Have you ever seen the adult movies where a guy dumps huge amounts of semen on the face of his partner? Have you ever wondered how you can do the same? The cum shot is very popular among men who hire escorts in Austria.  Some men (and their female partners) enjoy the sight of the hot milky fluid oozing out during sex. Some men like to ejaculate into the faces of their partners; others like to cum in the mouth. If you’re going to ejaculate in someone’s face, might as well shoot out as much as possible.

The first step in producing bigger cum shots is to drink plenty fluids. The best fluid is good old fashioned water but, men who have performed in the porn industry also claim that lemon juice will give you much larger loads. Lime juice may also be used as an alternative if lemon juice is unavailable. Another important factor that will allow you to produce more cum is time. The longer you go without ejaculating, the bigger the amount when you finally do climax.

It is said that it takes a man about two days to produce a full store of semen. Beyond 48 hours, there won’t be much difference in how much fluid is produced, but going longer can lead to a much higher level of arousal when you do have sex. Finally, practice Kegel exercises, as these exercises strengthen the muscles which stimulate the genitals, and can lead to much harder erections and bigger cum shots.