Experiencing Foreplay with Vienna Call Girls

Foreplay is a word used by many, but understood by few. When many speak of foreplay they speak in terms of physical sex acts which are designed to arouse, setting the stage for coitus. While this is true, it is only a half truth. There are emotional aspects to foreplay which are often looked by those who engage in it. Overlooking this will diminish the quality of the overall experience.

The purpose of foreplay is to lower inhibitions. Lowering inhibitions will allow both partners to relax and enjoy themselves. Some forms of foreplay that escorts may initiate with their clients include hugging, kissing, touching, or whispering to each other. Female escorts may also strip for their clients, and the sight of her removing her clothes will cause them to become sexually excited.

Foreplay is very important for men who want to please their female partners. The reason for this is because it generally takes women longer to become sexually aroused than men. While a man can become sexually aroused in little more than a minute, it often takes women 15 to 20 minutes to become sexually excited.  Many women are able to experience orgasms when their male partners provide foreplay for up 30 minutes.