Enjoying an Erotic Massage in Vienna

An erotic massage is a type of massage which is designed to sexually stimulate the recipient. Unlike normal massages, with the sensual massage the goal will be to sexually arouse by touching, rubbing and stroking the erogenous zones of the body. Numerous escorts in Vienna provide erotic massages, but the quality can vary greatly from one to another.

The typical areas of the body which will be stimulated during an erotic massage are the breasts and pubic area of a woman, and the genitals of a man. However, escorts who are highly skilled in giving massages know better than to just focus on these obvious areas. A woman who is good with massages will focus on other erogenous zones which are less obvious, such as the ears, neck, navel, belly, feet and hands.

Erotic massages are best given by women who have strong hands. During sex, many women touch men the way they would like to be touched, which is softly. But many men like a firm touch, and this is best provided by women with firm hands. An erotic massage must also be conducted in an environment which is sensual. Candles or lights turned low, sweet aromas and other effects can be used to enhance the experience.