Choosing the Right Lube for Your Sexual Encounter in Austria

Choosing the proper lubrication for your appointment with escorts Vienna can certainly make the session more pleasurable. This is particularly true for anal sex, as the anus and rectum do not lubricate naturally like the vagina. Insufficient lube can be problematic as it could cause the condom to break. Penetration is a lot smoother and easier for both partners when enough lube is used. However, there are many types of lube available on the market, and selecting the right type and brand is extremely important.

We highly recommend experimenting with different types of lube to find out which is best for you. It is not a good idea to use common household items like Vaseline, olive oil, baby oil, or things of this nature. Aside from the fact that these items weren’t designed specifically for sexual penetration, many of these items and others are vegetable based. These lubricants will often damage condoms made from latex and will also stain clothing and sheets. They can also be a pain to clean.

More serious is the fact that vegetable based lubes can be harmful to the vagina. Any lubrication which contains benzocaine should also be avoided, as they may cause numbness, and some people are even allergic to it. The best lubrication on the market for both vaginal and anal penetration is lube which is water based. Water based lubricants are colorless, odorless and simple to clean. Best of all, they are safe to use. Some of the most popular brands in Austria are Astroglide and Aqua Lube.